5 Ways for New Parents to Get More Sleep


Sleeping mommy hates to be woken but when the baby cries, mommy has to get up! Unfortunately for many new mothers and fathers, they fail to get the sleep they need and it’s causing a few problems. The trouble is children, especially new born babies, don’t have set routines because when they’re ready to wake up, everyone knows about it. However, it’s still necessary and important for new parents to get more sleep but how?

Take Turns Feeding and Attending to the Baby

Two parents staying up to attend to the baby is nice but not necessary. You ideally have to take turns with your husband so that while one parent is sleeping, the other attends to the baby. The next night, it’ll be your turn to care for the baby. Doing this should hopefully allow one parent to get a good night’s rest so that at least one of you are fresh and alert for the next day. It can be a great idea even when you’re using a relaxing star projector!

Use a Relaxing Star Projector to Put You to Sleep

If you are finding it difficult to sleep and your routines are off then you need to look at ways to help relax your mind and body. A relaxing star projector can actually be a useful tool for sleep. As you watch the stars being projected onto your ceiling or walls, you can relax and drift off. It’s really a simple tool and one that may interest you too. It isn’t too costly to buy such things and you should be able to get them set up, even in the baby’s room if that helps them sleep better also.

Forget Caffeine

Most mothers won’t be consuming caffeine anyway but it’s good to keep that in mind even if you aren’t breast feeding. Caffeine may keep your cry detection senses up but it’ll also keep you wide awake! It is truly better to avoid caffeine in all forms so that when the baby is sleeping and you want to grab a quick nap, you can drift off without any issue whatsoever! Boiled milk is actually a good way to help you drift off so keep that in mind.

Sleep When The Baby Sleeps!

Most experienced parents will tell you that when the baby goes to sleep, you should too. That can actually be a fantastic way to allow parents get a great rest. Sleeping mommy can be woken when the baby wakes and at least this gives you ample time to rest and get some much needed hours of sleep. Babies don’t always keep to schedules and they fall asleep and wake when they want to so you must adapt and do the same. It’s the best way to get more sleep for new parents.

Prepare the Feedings and Take a Nap

It doesn’t matter if you are breast feeding a child or using the bottle, there are always simple ways to prep. If using formula, you can get everything ready so that the milk just needs to be heated which would save a lot of time later on. However, if you are breast feeding you could look at pumping the milk hours before the feeding. This will give you amp time to prepare the feed and not waste too much time later just in case the child is a bit fussy and won’t feed when he or she usually does. This gives you more time to sleep later; cry detection monitors can still be setup and you can attend to the baby as normal.

Increase Your Sleep

Getting more sleep with a new baby is really hard to do. The child can take up a lot of time when getting to sleep and when he or she wants to be held or changed, you’re going to hear about it! However, there are many simple ways to help make you get more sleep and hopefully they’ll e effective! Sleeping mommy:  calmknight.