Calm Knight Star Projector Sound Machine Features and Technology

Having children is a wonderful experience, except when you are constantly woken up having to comfort them and get them to go back to sleep. Let’s face it, we love our children, but sometimes the constant restless nights can catch up to us and it gets to effect other aspects of our life. What if there was an easier way to get your child to calm down and stay asleep? The Calm Knight Star Projector sound machine is a projector that will project stars onto the walls of their room and emit sounds from nature.

Calm Knight Technology

The calm knight star projector and sound machine includes a cry detect mode that helps parents and children get a better night’s rest. The projector will display relaxing colors of stars onto the ceiling, giving the bedroom an ultra dreamy and relaxing feel. Children who wake up and are scared will easily be mesmerized by the stars projecting onto the wall, and will soon for get their worries and fall back to sleep. The star projector offers 3 interchangeable projections plates, and can easily be changed out in a matter of a few seconds, giving your child some variety.

Sounds Kids Know & Love

The sound machine aspect of the Calm Knight Star Projector uses internal speakers that play a selection of either sounds that can be found in nature or a few popular lullabies that children will love. These tunes will instantly put your child into a more relaxed mood and they’ll be able to fall asleep much quicker than if they were to wake up to an empty room. When your child wakes up in the night they will quickly get back to sleep while listening to relaxing sounds and imagines of stars posted all over the walls. If your child loves a particular tune, you have the option to either select one or you can look all of the available tunes to play one after another.

The Heartbeat Feature

There is a unique features installed in the Calm Knight Star Projector, which mimics the heart beat of a human. For younger children, this can be an extremely effective and relaxing sound. Houses are creaky and there are noises from the streets and animals outside of the house. You may not think that these noises effect your child during the night, but they can become very distracting. Instead of giving your child sounds that will keep them up you can simulate the sounds of being in the womb. To younger children this will give them instant comfort, making them relax, and quickly help them fall back to sleep.


The Calm Knight projector offers more features than other projectors on the market. The technology is advanced in its time and can easily be charged and plugged into the computer or a wall outlet. Your child’s rest is a top priority, as if they aren’t getting enough sleep it can leave them cranky and irritable, and you will have to deal with it will less sleep the next day.

The Calm Knight projector is the perfect choice if you and your child are in need of a better restful night.